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July 23, 2012 - Setting up a little way for Bible defenders to share

Monday, July 23, 2012

Erasmus and the heavenly witnesses


1 John 5:7
For there are three that bear record in heaven,
the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
and these three are one.

A little project is to begin to supply more sensible information about Erasmus and the heavenly witnesses.
(Note: later, I plan a little study as to why the heavenly witnesses is the "fulcrum verse" for pure Bible defense ! )

On the TextualCriticism forum recently I placed a little post:


Erasmus paraphrase of 1 John and the heavenly witnesses
Steven Avery - July 18, 2012

Here are the two pics that forum member receive, however they are not retained in the Yahoogroups Archive.

(short picture of Latin text)


A companion to rhetoric and rhetorical criticism (2004)
A Conversational Opener: The Rhetorical Paradigm of John 1:1  (1977)
Marjor├Če O'Rourke Boyle

In his paraphrase on that comma Joanneum (1 John 5:7) that provoked such inflated controversy, Erasmus defines succinctly the Persons of the Trinity in their economic roles.

"The Father is the author [auctor], the Son is the courier [nuntius], the Spirit is the prompter [suggestor]." (p. 71)



A fuller version of the Paraphrase discussion is planned to be placed on the
Pure Bible WordPress blog shortly (the url will be given here):

We are discussing this question a bit on the WhichBible forum (moderated by Shain and friends) :

A Gem Regarding 1 John 5:7

And for an example of modernist one-dimensional writing about Erasmus, you go to the censored BVDB  forum that is against the AV purity:

Remember That So-Called Erasmian Promise About 1 John 5:7?

And for invigorating discussion, we open up the PureBibleForum for those with a heart for God's pure word.


As with the WordPress Blog, the goal is to make the PureBibleForum very friendly within a day or so !

When a post is placed here, the
Pure Bible Blogger blog ... a complementary thread can be opened up on the forum, with all the advantages of forum writing. The goal is to coordinate the complimentary resources to make for easy reading and study, and iron sharpeneth learning and sharing.

(This is all in addition to the normal standbys, the excellent WhichVersion and TC-Alternate yahoogroups email forums.)


Plesae notice how these short Blogger posts are able to be used as friendly and helpful "Traffic Cops"
While the long posts and big discussions we can have elsewhere ... come here for a simple overview !

Thus, this blogger url :

Pure Bible blog

Is one for you to bookmark, return to and enjoy !
(And will generally be my "siggy" on forums.)

Incidentally, my thanks to all the unreasonable forums with poor moderation ... for encouraging these far
more helpful ways of sharing about the pure Bible.


Feel free to comment below -- and you can email me, Steven Avery, on all Bible and blog matters at the addy specifically designed for internet Bible discussion:

Steven Avery

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